Shift Delay on Smart 451 Between 1st and 2nd

Shift Delay on Smart 451 Between 1st and 2nd

Here are two short video's showing the delay between the 1st and 2nd shift, this is with the pedal to the floor on the manual shift mode of a Smart 451 Passion Canadian 2008 model.


Smart CDI said...

That is better then the CDI version that has sometimes a good 2 second delay between shifts.

David said...

Hmm, it doesn't seem bad at all. My current vehicle, a 2002 Saturn VUE, drops revs very slowly between shifts. Over the past 90K miles, I have slowed my shifting down to accommodate it, and I this is on par with that.

Joseph said...

The thing people need to know is that this is a 100% manual transmission. Old school technology.

The clutch is activated by servos and operates in "automatic" mode by using software to do the gear changes/trip the servos. Toyota has a similar setup in their old MR2.

But it's still a manual mechanically. So you need to let off the gas a tiny bit between shifts or else the computers will go into nanny mode to keep you from burning the clutch between gears.(hence the delay) You just can't mash the pedal to the floor and leave it there like in an automatic.

This also means that to get optimal results, you have to leave it in manual mode 100% of the time and drive it as such.

I wish they had a manual only option, though... I don't mind shifting at all.

Carlos said...

This is much better then with the old smart fortwo. Please note that when you put the throttle less down, and shift around 3000 rpm, everything is much smoother. The harder you floor the pedal, the more delay you feel.

I think the delay from 1 to 2nd gear is with every manual car the most "feel-able".

I have a 450 fortwo and the shifts are quick enough, but really not as smooth as the 451.

The problem is that you in America are used to automatic shift, so you don't feel the shifting. When i look at the movies on youtube, every journalist is really revving the car to 5000 rpm or more, cause in automatic mode, it shifts really late.

I think it drives the most comfy when you shift by yourself.

L J said...

The realization that this is truly a manual shift automobile is the key to smoother shifting. I have a brand new 2008 451 and it is capable of shifting with NO perceived delay if you back off the throttle between gear changes.....just have to master the technique!!

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