2008 smart Pricing and Accessory Guide

2008 smart Pricing and Accessory Guide

smart pricingThis is the Canadian price guide for the 2008 smart, while its missing a few recent additions to the accessories catalog it does have all the factory and dealer installed options listed.

I myself wasn't able to get any better deals then the prices listed, some have said they can get 15% off but the pricing is still reasonable enough and if you can get them to add it to your car loan then might as well stock up.

There are a lot more accessories that will find there way into Canada and the US over the next year and I found out recently that smart Canada plans to import as many of the options from Europe as possible, hopefully that means it will be cheaper then going directly to European dealership to order parts (which I've been having to do at this point).


Glen Ellen said...

Why is it so difficult to find out the cost of the Smart 451? I have yet found pricing. Help!

Rose said...

I have found it impossible to find out either the price range or mileage. Or any other pertinent information about the smart car.
I can anyone make an informed decision obout this car?

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