Armrest for the 451 smart fortwo

Armrest for the 451 smart fortwo

Smart 451 ArmrestWhile smart on the new 451 did include many of the items people requested they didn’t include an armrest option but have no fear the aftermarket was listening. I searched for a few weeks and ended up finding a company in Europe that produced an armrest for the 451. The armrest is fixed to the center console area and while I know there are some that bolt to the side of the seats this unit is what I preferred.

The armrest comes in a leather finished top and has storage area that is closed/secured with a magnetic lock. The color matches well with my factory leather seats and since all seats have the black inserts I would say it would fit well with all color interiors.
Installing the armrest was not that hard but it did take a little bit of planning as it doesn’t come with instructions. They do have a couple pre-drilled holes on the front that I made use of but in the back I tapped my own holes and I would recommend you doing the same. You will need to move the seats a round a little to get at the back to do the screws but overall it’s not a big project. Took about 15 minutes and no power tools where needed as the screws were self tapping and they held pretty well.
Having driving the 451 for a couple weeks without the armrest I did miss it as I’ve never had a car without an armrest and it does feel strange not being able to rest your arm while waiting in traffic or just driving lazily. So the first day that I’ve had the armrest installed I could really notice a difference at first it was a little weird but 2 or 3 drives later and I was loving it.

The extra storage is nice, while not big enough to hold CD’s its great size for paper, pens, cell phone, mp3 player, garage opener or anything else that would fit into a 6 L x 3 W x 4 D. It also folds up so if you want it out of the way it tucks just right along side the seat. Overall it does look like it was an OEM option and in my opinion something well worth adding to your smart.

Passanger Side Armrest
There are a couple downsides to adding in the armrest. The first one is that it will be a little harder to do up your seatbelt as the armrest and seatbelt latch are very close together and the second one is that it’s a little harder to recline the drivers side seat. That is also because the recline latch is close to the armrest on the passenger side its not as bad because the passenger seat goes further back then the drivers side.

I paid just around $150 with shipping for the armrest and I actually ordered from 2 different suppliers, the other armrest hasn’t arrived but once it does I’ll see if it is any different and will post the options where to buy. I’ll be also selling off one of the armrests, probably the one yet to arrive, so contact me if your interested in an armrest for your 451 smart.

Armrest for Smart 451


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