451 smart Brabus Gas & Brake Pedals

451 smart Brabus Gas & Brake Pedals

Brabus Gas and Brake PedalsOnce I went to install these pedals I could see that smart has always planned to have these pedals as part of the car because the design of the stock gas pedal is setup to have the brabus gas pedal added.

These items while costly are available at the smart dealerships and if you buy them with the car you might be able to get the cost of the pedals added to the loan/lease on the car.

AfterBeforeInstalling the pedals took less then 5 minutes, the brake pedal took the longest as you have to remove the factory rubber by peeling it off and then snapping the new pedal on. The gas pedal takes all of 10 seconds as you just simply slide it on and it clips into place. Both pedals require no tools, no screws and no mess to install. I mention that as there are some aftermarket pedals, some even claim to be “brabus” but they require you to screw into the factory pedals and would be far less stable.

While no performance increase I will say that the pedals look so much nicer and give an extra sportyness to the interior. Also the rubber grips on the face of the pedals do give more traction so in some way this could actually improve performance in that you might get more braking power due to better grip.

To buy the brabus gas and brake pedals simply contact your local smart dealership as they’ll be able to order them in for you.Sporty Look with Brabus Pedals


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