Carbon Fiber Trim for the smart 451

Carbon Fiber Trim for the smart 451

Carbon Fiber Dash TrimCarbon fiber is always a great way to give a vehicle a hint of aggressiveness and this dash trim added to the smart does just that. Once installed you wouldn’t even notice that it wasn’t factory as it matches in so well with the gray/black mixed fabric. On cars with other fabric it might not blend as much, but it should still look like it belongs.
Close Up of Carbon Trim
Installing this made me a little nervous as this was a hand made part and the creator hadn’t installed or even seen a 451 before he did this for me and his instructions where simply to pull the old one off. The trim had a dozen clamps and I didn’t know if simply pulling would take it off without damaging anything but I pulled and pulled and then click the factory trim came off nice and easily.

Putting the new carbon fiber trim on was just as easy, simply line up with the factory holes and click the trim into place and your done. It was all of about 2 minutes to install.

Cost of the trim was something a little harder to figure out as these are hand made parts so they’re not mass produced but the part with shipping and duties cost less then $150. The creator of the part will have this as well as other items ready for sale shortly on his website, which will be added to the aftermarket/tuner section here.

Along with the piece that I did install there was end caps for the wiper and light stacks as well as rings for the REV and Clock pods. I’ll be giving the rings for the rev and clock pods away later in January as there are a few odd parts that will just be included with other items that I’m not using for my smart.

Coming soon is the carbon fiber door handles and once I figure out how to take off the factory caps I’ll install the caps on the stacks, photos will follow.
Carbon Fiber Dash on Smart 451


Iain said...

That looks spot-on! Great!


stuart said...

that look great - do you know where i can buy/

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