Smart 451 Roof on Passion Coupe

Smart 451 Roof on Passion Coupe

Close up of Smart Car RoofIf you have the passion coupe model of the new 2008 smart 451 then you are in for a treat as the roof is not only amazing for the driver its an amazing feat of engineering.

While most think its glass, actually the roofs in the new 451's are actually made of plastic (Makrolon® Polycarbonate) and are very durable and light weight. It was built for smart by Bayer (yes the aspirin company) and at present is the largest roof made of plastic.

Having this seamless roof in the smart really opens the car up and once you've driven it for awhile any other car you drive will feel like your driving from within a cave.

I think in Europe the 451 smart pure has a solid roof with the option of getting this roof, go for it if its an option, but here in Canada and the United States you'll only get it on the passion coupe model as the cabriolet model of course has a cloth roof.

Smart 451 Passion Roof


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