Smart Car Dealership Now Selling the Smart 451

Smart Car Dealership Now Selling the Smart 451

smart Tower and smart 451I’ve opened up the first International smart dealership, that’s right I have the 451, fortwo, forfour, and crossblade all in stock in my very own smart tower. Be one of the first people in the US to own a 451 smart car or grow your smart collection.

If you are confused you need to take a look at the photos a little closer as yes those are just smart 451 toy cars and that smart tower is a model of the smart tower’s they have in Europe. As for the cars being available for sale, their not but if you drop me an email and have been a good boy/girl maybe Santa will send you one for Christmas.

If you haven't noticed I'm a smart fanatic, so far I've gotten a bunch of the toys, smartware shirts and accessories. I have even gotten some really cool smart books (yet to arrive) and will be posting details on the rest of my smart collection in the coming months.

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